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25th Nov 2019: Marathon Meditation

Forming a spiral of love

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Marathon Meditation

25th November 2019, 7AM - 6PM, @22 locations in Hong Kong

On 25th November, we also initiated a Marathon Meditation in 22 locations around Hong Kong to share Love with the local districts and residents.

They say the path of the spiral, is the path of getting to know oneself for there is always deeper levels of our being to be discovered. This is the path of Love that we took as representatives of the collective.

33 came together for yesterday's marathon meditation in 22 locations which completed in 11 hours with great success and grace. We give thanks to all beautiful souls who participated and contributed your positive vibes, in person or energetically.

In a very short amount of time we came together, for we focused on our commonality. Our love of Hong Kong and our acceptance of one another's views enabled us to support each other at all levels. And indeed we were also so supported by the wider community and the universe.

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