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    Community Event 14th March 2020: Holi Colors of Love

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    Holi Colors of Love is a public community event that invites people of all walks of life, all cultures and ages to come together to celebrate love and joy. We honor Holi as a Hindu tradition that is celebrated as a festival of Love in Nort India and in other parts of the world where there is Indian population. With the themes of love and joy, celebrating diversity and community, we are encouraging Hong Kong’s community to come together to co-create a Holi Ceremony of love, as well as celebrate our connection to the Earth Mother. This community event comes at a time when the city protests and coronavirus has created a deep separation in society. And while most Hong Kong residents are city dwellers, it is through our connection to Mother Earth that deepens connection to ourselves, reconnect us to the community and All that is beauty and love.


    The Holy Ceremony will take place from 230pm – 430pm. There will be speeches, a meditation, sacred art, songs and dances for honoring the Earth Mother, and Holi’s famed colored powder throwing at Big Wave Bay Beach. After a short break, we will also come together in a casual setting to share Indian snacks and drinks around the bonfire.

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    With much love,
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    Date: Saturday, 14th March 2020
    Time: 230PM – 430PM (Holi Ceremony),
    500PM (Community Dinner)
    Venue: Big Wave Bay Beach (near the BBQ pits)

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    Be Love Festival 2019

    Highlights of the first Be Love Festival took place on 1st Dec 2019, held in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Hong Kong.


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