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#beloveHK 21 Days of Love & Gifts of Love (Full Set)

21 practitioners sharing their gifts of love for 21 days

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#beloveHK 21 Days of Love

Gifts of Love

The #beloveHK 21 Days of Love has completed with incredible divine grace and beauty.

We deeply honor all the 21 souls who shared their yummy Gifts of Love. We hope you have enjoyed these gifts that supports you to raise your vibrations. For the full complication of gifts, refer below.

May you be well, may you be happy, may you be love.

With love,

#beloveHK Community

Day 1 "Yoga Nidra"with Myriam Bartu

Day 2 "Healing Sounds of Water" with Amanda Yik

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Access Amanda's recording here.

Day 3 "Inner Peace with Handpan Meditation" with KK Lam

Day 4 "Breathing with the Moon" with Tiffany Fung

Day 5 "EFT to Access Calm within Yourself" with Falguni Mather

Day 6 "Messages from Mother Earth" with Santa Lau

Day 7 "Messages of Love" with Phil Davies

Day 8 "Chanting Sacred Sounds with Monochord" with Tina Li

Day 9 "Raising our Love Vibration through Singing" with Rhiann Suen

Day 10 "Crystal Healing Meditation" with Michelle Harris

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Access Michele's meditation recording here 

Day 11 "Gentle Yoga Practice" with Nicola Belen

Day 12 "Yoga Breathing Techniques" with Honey Pamnani

Day 13 "Staying Strong & Positive" with Cristina Rodenbeck

Day 14 "Song of the Heart" with Kumi Masunaga

Day 15 "What is Beautiful about Hong Kong" with Rainbow

Day 16 "Unmasking & Coming Back to Love" with Yvonne Yjemani Li

Day 17 "Prayer of Blessing" with Veena Dansinghani

Day 18 "Breath Again - A Lungs AcuYin Pressure Yoga" with May Lim

Day 19 "Breath . Reset . Resource . Enable True Immunity" with Anita Cheung

Day 20 "Attention is the Healer of Separation" with May Nogoy

Day 21 "Soothing Sounds of Lyre" with Grace Shemaya Chen

#beloveHK 21 Days of Love

9th - 29th February, gifts available on social media

We are inviting everyone to join #beloveHK for "21 Days of Love" from the very comfort of your own home or office. With the coronavirus scare, there are fewer people going out due to the fear of the virus spreading. Holding on to fears excessively will lower your vibrations and your immune system, whereas staying positive in love will raise your vibrations and support your mental and physical health.

From the 9th to 29th of February, there will be 21 practitioners freely sharing their *Gifts of Love* for 21 days. Every day, we will be sharing a new post here and we invite you to join us for these exercises, programs, and inspiration as per your heart guidance. And of course, in these times of need, share the Love with your friends and family not only in HK but with everyone.

At times we can receive Love
At times we can give Love
Together, we can Be Love.

With all our love,
Be Love

*Please note the *Gifts of Love* will be launched via Be Love HKFB page,#beloveHK FB group, #belove_HK IG channels and youtube channel

Day 1 -