Behind the Scene (by Category)

    Yvonne Yjemani Li

    Event Organiser and Producer

    The original spark that initiated BE LOVE. Yvonne is a Catalyst, Guide, Healer and Creationist supporting others to awaken to the next level of their magnificence and enabling the collective to come together in love, peace and oneness.

    Andy Treloar

    Event Organiser

    Andy is a Seeker of understanding of the self and others from an early age. He hopes this understanding can aid all in other people's personal journeys and development.

    Methy Chi

    Event Organiser

    Methy is an animal lover, tree hugger, and a mindful advocate. She is the Founder of HALO My SOUL, and a Brand Consultant for Good Causes. She enables beloved souls to empower their true self and shine with love, peace and unity.

    Clara Chung

    Program Curation

    Clara Chung is a Vocal Sound Healer, Holistic Coach & Cranio-Sacral Therapist. She focused on enabling people to master and expand their inner light, find balance and experience great health, and joy in their lives.

    Jennifer Yip

    Marketing Strategy

    Jennifer is a passionate Mindfulness Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and a Creative Director for the advertising industry. Her goal is to support individuals to live a stress-free, abundant and joyful life that they desire.

    Event Angels

    Event Management

    Leo Ku

    Bonnie Lee
    Olivia Lee

    Kin So

    Dorothy Lam



    Event Angels

    Event Support

    Ashana Wynnie Ng

    Roz Keep

    Rhiann Suen

    Alfa Chan

    Dina Shabashenkobn

    Laura Baker

    Tiffany Fung

    Kannan Ashar

    Pheobe Kwan

    Sabrina Villard

    Oskar Glutton

    Annie Tsz-Sum Wong

    Nicola Fan

    Graphic Designer

    Nicola is a Hong Kong based Graphic Designer and award-winning Filmmaker. Nicola is a director of commercials, documentaries, short films, motion-graphics, music videos, she s also a Creative Art Director for the design of marketing and advertising.

    Jovito Jr. Apo

    Graphic Designer

    Jovito is a versatile Visual Artist with over 9 years experience in graphic design, motion graphics, animation and video editing. He is also an established Tattoo Artist with clientele all over the world.

    Dina Shabashenkobn

    Website Creation

    Martina is an avid Photographer, and Founder of the DFN Studio (Photography). She is also passionate about meditation and co-creating ceremony with others.

    Laura Baker

    Website Creation

    Laura is a seventeen year old high school student interested in Sociology and English. She is passionate about social issues and equality, she is glad to be able to help manage the Be Love website.

    Sean Lee Davis

    Film Director

    Sean is a multimedia artist, and Entrepreneur of Awethentic Studio, he is pioneering the use of AR and Avatar technologies. Dedicated to animal and environmental conservation, he has used his artistic and technology mastery to raise awareness about endangered wildlife and conservation.

    Martina Yu


    Martina is an avid Photographer, and Founder of the DFN Studio, capturing the joyful nature of kids and families for many years now. She is also passionate about meditation and co-creating ceremony with other Souls.

    Mo Kwok


    Mo is an Artist, Educator and Founder of Lifelong Labs, a learning lab that offers creative courses that are rooted in practicality. Her work has been featured at the Harvard Film Archive, The Crossing Gallery, The MV World Odyssey, Le Corbusier’s Carpenter Centre and the HK Visual Art Centre.

    Bharat Khemlani


    Founder of Big Ben Photography, Bharat loves photographing people, events, and landscapes especially those in Hong Kong. Photography is something he truly loves and appreciates capturing images of beautiful memories to last an eternity.



    Creation Angels

    Creation Co-Creators

    Martin Yeung - animation

    Trevor Lin - art resources

    Joanna Lau - ambassador

    Jane Leung - ambassador

    Mabel Cheung - ambassador

    Diva Chugani - ambassador

    Resham Daswani - ambassador



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