Love, Harmony, and Community in Action

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    Originating from a group of loving souls living in Hong Kong, we are coming together to co-create the BE LOVE Movement for the wider community.


    As we come together in love, harmony, and community, we are taking action to move forward, re-create connection to one another and assist in the rebuilding of Hong Kong. We invite all of you, no matter your views to join us and BE LOVE.


    We organise various events such as mindful art, meditations, and festivals, throughout the year to remind everyone that


    At times we can receive Love,

    At times we can give Love,

    Together we can simply be Love.


    Together may we inspire a movement, in Hong Kong #beloveHK #就係愛香港, and beyond where there will be a growing community that resonates to the fundamental essence of our humanity and our connection to each other and the world, that which is LOVE.