A Community of Loving Souls (in order of appearance)

    Sylvia Chan

    Mistress of Ceremony

    Sylvia is a business professional coach and spiritual trainer in PSYCH-K® practitioner, and Law of Attraction. She is passionate in connecting and empowering people to transform their personal and business life.


    Danielle Bateley

    Mistress of Ceremony

    Danielle is a Breath of Bliss Facilitator and a Super Nanny. Using nutrient therapy, psychological and consciousness techniques, she has been optimising the health, wellbeing and functionality of many individuals and families.

    Yvonne Yjemani Li

    Meditation Facilitator

    The original spark that initiated BE LOVE. Yvonne is a Catalyst, Guide, Healer and Creationist supporting others to awaken to the next level of their magnificence and enabling the collective to come together in love, peace and oneness.

    Katherine El'mara Lucas

    Meditation Facilitator

    Katherine is a Guide and Channel of Love and Faith. She loves to inspire greater magic, love and faith with all whom she meets and guides.

    Simone Shivon

    Meditation Facilitator

    Simone is a mystic Doula, an initiated Guardian of the rainbow love. She is devoted to assisting others to remember, reconnect, and re-embody their divinity at all levels.

    Hana Grobler

    Chanting Facilitator

    Hana is a Meditation and Art teacher, an Om Chanting Organizer, PHEN Kinesiologist and Atma Kriya Yogi. Hana's passion is to guide people through their healing journey from the outside to the inside of your heart.

    Nazar Tabachyshyn

    Guitar Musician

    Nazar Tabachyshyn is a musician and music educator from Ukraine. For now he is based in Hong Kong.


    Brenda Pang

    Chanting Facilitator, Harmonium Musician

    Brenda is the founder of Nature Yoga HK. She is a humble warrior in the creation of yoga, music and wellness, committed to spreading peace and joy to the world with love and authenticity.

    Ambikha Devi

    Dance Facilitator

    Ambikha is an internationally recognized Yoga Meditation Breathwork and Conscious Dance Facilitatior. She is a catalyst for change and an ambassador for love and peace.

    Geraldine Cosnuau

    Mandala Art Facilitator

    Geraldine works in the art world, and develops a children's curriculum around Art and Soul Education. Geraldine is passionate about the Arts, evolving consciousness, and effecting the paradigm shift from Fear to Love taking place now.

    Depp Kong

    Mandala Art Facilitator

    Founder of a Tibetan Healing Studio, a Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Channel, Depp supports others to understand the workings their inner plane. He visits Tibet every 2-3 months to visit his Buddhism Master as well as helps the local orphans.

    Luna Johnson

    Mandala Art Facilitator

    Luna is 8, she loves the beach, cart wheeling, helping others and eating cookies. She holds a strong service note of joy.

    Devi Novianti

    Dance Facilitator

    Devi has worked in diversity and equal opportunities for many years. She is also an Access Consciousness Practitioner, meanwhile she also enjoys enabling others to find joy through dance.

    Afritude Kaze

    African Drums Facilitator

    Kaze is an artist specializing in cultural exchange and creativity, using arts to create awareness, harmony and peace while breaking all about breaking boundaries between people. He enables and participates in One Love community to spread love and joy.

    Veena Dansinghani

    Laughing Yoga Facilitator

    Veena is a founder and a director of Naveda Wellness. She is a Laughter, Yoga, Hair, and Nutrition Specialist, inspiring everyone to turn towards nature for healing through naturopathy and following ancient Vedic values that empowers all to Live Life the NAVEDA way.

    Charmaine Mok

    Singing Bowls Facilitator

    Charmaine is a Counselor, who is committed to promoting mindfulness and sound therapy to support others in their everyday lives.

    Clara Chung

    Singer & Instrumentalist

    Clara Chung is a Vocal Sound Healer, Holistic Coach & Cranio-Sacral Therapist. She focused on enabling people to master and expand their inner light, find balance and experience great health, and joy in their lives.

    Sasha Frolov

    Handpan Musician

    Sasha is a headpan player from Ukraine, who plays and teaches in Hong Kong. He is happy to share the amazing sounds of handspan with others.

    Cheryl Rodriguez

    Gongs Facilitator

    Immediately hooked on sound baths after joining a session in London. Cheryl felt the deeper healing effects of sound vibrations during her recovery process, which led her to study sound healing so that she can share the meditative, transformative effects of sound with others.

    Lawrence Tse

    Qigong Facilitator

    Lawrence has been learning Qigong since he was a teenager and has never stopped practicing since. He has been sharing Qigong techniques to corporates, individuals, both Chinese and Westerners for more than 15 years, and has trained numerous Qigong practitioners.

    Bernard Kwan

    Tai Chi Facilitator

    Bernard is the founder of Chi Academy and has studied many practices including Yoga, Qigong, Martial Arts, Yiquan and Western boxing, as well as Zen and Taoist meditation. He provides a multi-faceted approach to helping others strengthen their mind and body through movement.

    Cam Chu

    Mistress of Ceremony

    Cam has been immersed in mind-body-soul work, energy healing, NLP and personal coaching since year 2000. She loves life, nature, and hopes through her wisdom share can inspires others to gain self-mastery, and experience the greatest joy that life offers.


    Judy Xu

    Mistress of Ceremony

    As a Life Coach and CEO of Balance Health a, holistic health & healing centre, Judy's vision is to support people on their journey to balance, health and personal transformation. Her motto: “your life is not about you, it's about everybody whose life you touch and the way you touch it".



    Malbert Lee

    Crystal Bowls Facilitator

    Malbert is a Hong-Kong based yoga teacher and sound alchemist who has performed different sound experience internationally. He shares his passion for sound and uses it to de-stress people from all walks of life.


    Rainbow Art Facilitator

    Rainbow is a Hong Kong based educator that poses powerful questions to Women leaders, to achieve the best harmonious relations with our bodies, our families and our beloved communities here in Hong Kong and around the globe.

    Tiffany Luk

    Rainbow Art Facilitator

    Graduated with a graphic design degree from Central Saint Martins, Tiffany returned to HK and opened an Art Studio called Hidden Tones. Tiffany is regularly teaching visual arts and as well as instructs many disciplines of art & crafts workshops.

    Lee Du Ploy

    Rainbow Art Facilitator

    Lee is an Artist, Gallery Owner and supports others to use art as a form of therapy work. He is also a

    Holistic Health Practitioner using Kinesiology with Ethnobiology, his purpose it to understand human responses to emotional behaviour.

    Sophia Li

    Rainbow Art Facilitator

    Sophia is 9 years old, she loves creating arts and crafts, swimming, jazz dancing and doing handstands. She is a unicorn at heart, and naturally loves to spark joy and playfulness in others.

    Lance Lau

    Rainbow Art Facilitator

    Lance is only 10 years old but already he is a well-known Eco-Activist and speaker in the community.

    Claire Hsu Vuchot

    Yoga Facilitator

    The sacred teaching of Yoga and Ayurveda have greatly enriched Claire's family life and work in the arts and the community. Her inner awakening continues to inspire her quest to serve, love, meditate and realise the one truth in all paths.

    Kaldora Lee

    Sacred Dance Faciliator

    Kaldora is a Sacred Breath and Sacred Breath and Sacred Body Awakening Facilitator. She guides you to awaken your body temple through breath, sound, movements and to activate your inner healer and reconnect with your inner self.

    Jennifer Yip

    Mindfulness Facilitator

    Jennifer is a passionate Mindfulness Coach, Breathwork Facilitator and Creative Director. Her goal is to support individuals to live a stress-free, abundant and joyful life that they desire.

    Stella Choi

    Choir Singing Facilitator

    Stella is the Founder, Director and a Conductor of Loving Voice HK, the choir was established in 2013. She is a senior Singing Teacher, and a famous Singe and Composer in Hong Kong.

    Santa Lau

    Singing Facilitator

    Santa is the Founder of Lightworkers Center, it was established in the year 2000 and has long served the Hong Kong community. She is also a Life Coach, Energy healer and a Spiritual Teacher.

    Mavis Lam

    Pipa Musician

    Mavis is Pipa performer, often invited to participate in multi-disciplinary creations which led to her to partner with different groups all across the world. She is the Music Manager of Wuji Ensemble, now actively involved in their 3-year project of "Atmosphetic Music Theatre".

    Johnny Chan

    Amateur Performer

    Johnny loves all kinds of outdoor sports and wellness activities. He is a sports coach, climber, diver, and a surfer.

    Karen Chan

    Ceremony Facilitator

    A spiritual channeller of sacred ritual, sacred sounds and movement, Karen is a passionate facilitator of the "Remembrance of WHO I AM" buried in our soul memories through sacred ceremony and shadow integration work.

    Phil Davies

    Meditation Facilitator

    Phil’s journey into energy work began in his teens and it has been his passion ever since. For the past 20 years he has been assisting people to reconnect to their authentic self, through the facilitation of group and private healing and awareness sessions.


    Singer & Guitar Musician

    Moa loves to meditate and plays the guitar. He sings for love, and sings for oneness.

    Lester Lam

    Digeridoo Musician

    Lester is all about nature. He is learning about life through all lenses, from a leaf to the Universe.

    Supporting Angels

    Facilitator Supporters

    Nazar Tabahyshyn - Guitar

    Cherrie Ng - Chanting, Bells

    Sneha Chan - Chanting

    Honey Pamnani - Laughing Yoga

    Mahesh Panamani - Laughing Yoga

    Roz Keep - Drums

    Grace Shemaya - Lyra

    Kimberley Ko - Singing bowls

    Aigul Safiullina - Breath-work

    Danielle Bately - Breath-work




    Supporting Angels

    Art Supporters

    Jennifer Liu - Art

    Scarlett Yim - Art

    Ashley Yim - Art