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Be One

 Mindfulness x Guitar x Didgeridoo x Singing

· Oneness,Sounds,sound healing,Festival 2019

Be One

Mindfulness, Guitar, Didgeridoo, Singing

Time: 16:45 - 17:30, Languages: English, Cantonese

Facilitators: Phil Davies, Karen Chan, Moa, Lester Lam, Lance Lau, Sophia Li

Supporters: Jennifer Yip, Kaldora Lee, Clara Chung

The closing ceremony is the final program of the festival. We will give thanks for all the expressions of love that was created on the day by all facilitators and also all participants of the festival.

When we live in gratitude, we allow all the blessings of greater love and light into our lives. It opens us up to greater possibilities and abundance for health, wealth and love. Our facilitators will also facilitate a celebration through the jamming of singing and various musical instruments, to raise our vibrations to Joy and Oneness!

Finally, we invite our young kids to lead, sharing from the innocence of their heart the well known song “ARMANI” by the Hong Kong band Beyond to end the program. We invite all to sing this song with us.


Amani = Peace和平;

Nakupenda = Love爱;

Nakupenda We We = We Love You我们爱你;

Tuna Taka We We = We Need You我们需要你