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Flow of Qi

Gongs x Qigong x Taichi

· Movement Connection,Movement,Sounds,Festival 2019

Flow of Qi

Gongs x Qigong x Taichi

Time: 13:00 - 13:45, Languages: English

Facilitators: Cheryl Rodriguez, Lawrence Tse, Bernard Kwan

The life force that flows through the body's energy pathways may at times be blocked. When we combine movement, breathing and meditation in the form of Taichi and Qigong, it not only improves health, fitness, but also enhances our wellbeing and longetivity. Accompanied by gongs as you move to the flow of life Qi, dive deeper with the sounds of gong to feel deep connectedness, expansiveness and oneness. This session is relaxing, gentle and yet it will rejeuvenate you at all levels of your being.

Participants are encouraged to participate in Taichi and Qigong. You may also choose to lie down to receive the gong bath and the life force of Qi also.

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