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Rainbow Blessings

Blessings for all in Hong Kong

· Art,Love,Grace,Blessings,Festival 2019

Rainbow Blessings

Blessings for all in Hong Kong

Time: 13:00 - 16:45, Languages: English, Cantonese, Putonghua

Facilitators: Tiffany Luk, Rainbow, Lee Du Ploy, Sophia Li, Lance Lau

Everything is energy, our words are energetic commands that affect not only the environment around us but ourselves as well. The more we are radiating with positive thoughts, words and actions, we attract positive experiences to ourselves.

Through the Rainbow Blessing art activity, we are cultivating mindfulness to help you align to the present moment and to accept without judgement. And from your heart, you may express any positive intention and blessings to Hong Kong. When there is enough of the same intention, it will create a tipping point in mass consciousness not to mention the positive benefits it will generate for our whole being.

Throughout this activity, you will be guided by our facilitators. No experience required, and all ages are welcome to join.

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