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Inner Joy Reconnection

Laughing Yoga x African Drums x Dancing

· Sounds,Movement Connection,Movement,Festival 2019

Inner Joy Reconnection

Laughing Yoga x African Drums x Dancing

Time: 11:30 - 12:15, Languages: English

Facilitators: Veena Dansinghani, Afritude Kaze, Devi Novianti

Supporters: Honey Pamnani, Mahesh Pamnani, Roz Keep, Dorothy Lam

Over the past few months, we may have accumulated many emotions such as sorrow, hopelessness or even anger. Our emotions can get trapped in our bodies creating discomfort and heaviness, if they are not released. Devi and Kaze will facilitate the journey of using movement and drums, guiding you to move your body meanwhile shifting through the emotions and stress.

We will complete by reconnecting to the joy within us through laughing yoga facilitated by Veena. Laughter is the best medicine for our physical body, that is when the physiological benefits of releasing and coming back to our core. We will then be able to reconnect to our Spirit, our innate nature is loving, compassionate, fun, free, playful and joyful! Let's awaken the pure energies of love and joy within us and experience oneness with all that is.

No experience is required. You may begin sitting down or lying down on a mat. You may feel guided to get up and move around during this mindful exercise. If you have drums, you are welcome to join in.

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