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Mandala of Peace

Group Mandala Creation

· Peace,Art,Love,Festival 2019

Mandala of Peace

Group Mandala Creation

Time: 10:45 -14:30, Languages: English, Cantonese, French, Putonghua

Facilitators: Geraldine Cousuau, Depp Kong, May Nagoy, Luna Johnson, Felix Budavitch

Mandala creation is a mindful art exercise that focuses our attention on our inner self. As we let go of all random thoughts and physical sensation, we reconcile any polarities within us and find peace within.

The Sri Yantra symbol is well recognised mandala that connects all the creative and divine forces within us and in the universe. The shapes and components connects feminine (yin) and masculine (yang) energies, we also connect to the infinite nature of the universe and within ourselves.

We will be using natural materials to formulate this large Sri Yantra mandala, the use of stones, leaves, flowers and other materials.

We invite persons of all ages to create this symbol of peace and gift it to Hong Kong. No prior experience required.

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