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Loving Sounds of Mantra

Mantra x Singing x Harmonium x Guitar

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The Power of Mantras

Mantra x Singing x Harmonium x Guitar

Time: 10:45 - 11:15, Languages: English

Facilitators: Hana Grobler, Brenda Pang, Ambihka Devi

Supporters: Nazar Tabachyshyn, Sneha Chan, Cherrie Ng

Let’s dive into an ancient tradition of healing mantras with music.

Mantra means protection of the mind and prayer of the heart in the traditional Sanskrit language.

We will use the origin of all mantras – sound "OM" to purify our body, mind and emotion and this location. After that we will sing one of the most powerful mantras "OM NAMO GURUDEV NAMO", which will help us to tune into the sacred space within and connect the peace, stillness and wisdom. The third chant will be mantra "OM NAMO NARAYANAYA" to awaken the love, joy and peace in our hearts.

You don’t need any singing skills or even know the mantras. Simply follow our facilitators Hana and Brenda, and pronounce the mantras as guided. You may also choose to close your eyes and allow yourself to dissolve into the vibrations of the mantra to experience a heightened awareness. You may also be guided by Ambhika to move your body, to the music and mantra.

As reference, the mantras that we will be singing:

Om - highest vibration of universe that restore us back into the harmony
Om Namo Gurudev Namo - I acknowledge my inner wisdom & guidance
Om Namo Narayana - I am connected to unconditional love within and around me