All You Need To Know

    Do you have permission to organise a festival?

    We have permission from HK Police, Leisure Cultural and Services Department, and other government departments to organise the BE LOVE Festival.

    What are your political views?

    As individuals, we may hold different political views. As a community we are expressing apolitical neutrality, we will not be expressing any views aside from LOVE at the festival. The Be LOVE Festival is an opportunity for everyone to come together to receive love and express love for our community.

    Is there a fee to join the festival or to any of its programs?

    This event is completely free, there is no charge for any of the programs and there will be no transaction of any kind on the day.

    Why do we need to register for the festival?

    This will allow us to manage the festival and crowd flow better. Please register via the eventbrite link here.

    Do I need to have experience in order to join the programs?

    No, there is no requirement for having any experience prior to joining the activities. There will be facilitators who will are experienced at guiding the group in the intended activity. You are welcome to participate, we would also advise using your discretion to your level of engagement in accordance to your comfort levels. We do not take any responsibility for any outcomes, and we do not guarantee any outcomes of any kind.

    Are the programs suitable for kids, pregnant women, disabled persons and seniors to join?

    We welcome persons of all ages and persons of all physical conditions to join the activities.

    Meanwhile, the festival is held at a public park, so there are plenty of facilities for kids, pregnant women, disabled persons and elderly persons.

    Other issues to be aware of?

    We will not be providing any food or water, please bring your own picnic.

    There will be no locker room, so take care of your own belongings.

    All activities will take place on the lawn area. You may simply sit or participate in any of our activities. The grass area may be wet in certain areas so we recommend you bring a picnic mat that is waterproof or other such items for your comfort.

    If you are planning to join the yoga session, please bring your own mat.

    We will be outdoors all day with limited cover, so bring your hat, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent.

    How do we get to Sun Yet Sen Memorial Park?

    You may take MTR to Sai Ying Pun via exit A2, and walk across the walkway towards the Victoria Harbour direction to reach the Park.

    You may take taxi and ask to be dropped off at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park

    You may drive and park your car at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, there are limited parking spaces available. You may also consider to park your car at the Macau Ferry Terminal and walk over.

    You may walk over to the park from Kennedy Town or IFC or Macau Ferry Terminal along the harbor walkway.

    How can we contribute to the Be Love Festival?

    Do use #beloveHK or #就係愛香港 with any positive posts and sharing the festival with your network. You are also welcome to join us or follow us at #beloveHK Facebook group and via Instagram at #belove_HK.